Cutting Tree Branches - How to Cut a Tree Branch?

Cutting tree branches and pruning trees is the key to any gardener’s success. Fruit trees need constant and careful care. Only in this case will they produce a regular and abundant harvest. For sure, many gardeners have encountered the phenomenon that a neighbor in the country collects more crops from one plant than you do from the entire plot. This shows that your acquaintance is taking proper care of their trees, which you neglect. In this article, you will learn why you need to cut tree branches and how to do it.

The Goal of Cutting Tree Branches

Gardeners carry out this procedure to prolong the life of plants, stimulate their growth, and get a large harvest. People plant trees on the plot to collect crops. Besides, pruning the garden allows you to protect trees from pests and diseases.

Plants need complex care; one pruning to get a plentiful crop will not be enough. It is necessary to fertilize, water, and spray the garden. Then your trees will be beautiful, healthy, and fruitful.

Pruning trees play a big role in getting the crop.
Yet, it does not mean that one should carry out this event whenever he wants. There are certain deadlines and methods for conducting this procedure. Failure to follow these rules will have the opposite effect on the trees, and you risk picking up a bunch of stunted plants instead of a blooming garden.

General Tips

Taking care of the garden is not complete without removing old trees and cutting branches. The novice gardeners believe that is a simple matter, but this is not the case. To avoid injuries and destruction during these operations, you need to act carefully and follow the safety rules, when working at height in particular. Besides, pruning the undergrowth should not harm the tree.

To work on cutting down a tree and pruning branches, you need to get ready and prepare the following tools and protective devices:
  • a chainsaw;
  • tight-fitting jumpsuit or jacket and trousers;
  • work boots;
  • gloves;
  • helmet with visor;
  • special protective earphones.

You should familiarize yourself with the safety rules and work with the saw before you pick up the tool. The working space needs to be large enough. To cut, stand at a tree’s left or right, depending on the growth of the branches. Use the barrel as a cover or support. Remove them at once. You should cut down the parts that are higher than human height with extreme care.

Recommend. for Working with a Chainsaw

Carefully read the power tool’s operating instructions.
  • Stand straight with your legs apart. Hold the chainsaw with both hands. Here, the hand’s thumb extended forward should be under the handle. When cutting a branch, try to transfer weight to it — this way your back will be less tired.
  • Because of the possibility of injuries caused by recoil, we do not recommend cutting down the tree using the extreme part of the guide plate.
  • Do not smoke while working with the chainsaw or when refueling it.
  • You cannot perform work on cutting down a tree or branches if there are children, pets, or people without special protective equipment nearby.

Types of Cropping

By removing extra branches from the tree’s crown, you slow down its growth. Experienced gardeners have long noticed this feature, the larger the tree, the smaller its fruit. People practice the following crop cutting types now:

Forming the Crown

This is done to get a plentiful crop by forming the correct crown of the fruit tree. Usually, such pruning is carried out in the period from 2 to 4 years of the life of the seedling on your site.
Branches are cut in such a way that the stronger shoots form a reliable framework that protects the weaker and thinner branches. Do it in such a way that the branches inside the frame receive enough sunlight. Trees with a properly treated crown bear fruit earlier and give more yields.

Apple Tree Branches

Regulating Fruiting

The regularity of the resulting crop depends on this procedure. The essence of such pruning is as follows: depending on the seedling variety, a certain number of buds shortens the shoots. This number can range from 3 to 12.


It comprises removing old, broken, or diseased branches.



This way of pruning is only relevant for adult trees. Old branches are removed or shortened, leaving only young shoots. We recommend performing this procedure approximately once every four years.

Cropping Methods

Novice gardeners worry about how to prune trees properly. We have already told you about the types of this procedure. Now it is worth telling about the methods. There are two known methods. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.


ShorteningThe essence is to cut off young shoots. This is done to prevent the growth of escape from the crown.

This is done as follows: choose a shoot that grows out and has more than one kidney. For example, if there are three buds on a shoot, we recommend cutting one-off. Next year, the cut branch should give three young shoots. One of them will grow in the right direction for the gardener, that is, not out of the crown, but parallel to the ground. Leave this shoot, and cut the other two.


thinningThis pruning of fruit trees is considered the safest for the health of the plant. Here, the branches are not cut but obliterated.

You must delete the branch at its very base. Usually, in this place, there is a barely discernible fold of bark. This crease should remain intact. Then the cut-off area will be tightened quickly by the bark, which will significantly reduce the risk of disease.

Tool Choice

Some Gardener Tools

The choice of tools for pruning fruit trees plays a big role. Tools should be not only convenient but also well sharpened. This will not only allow you to carry out the work quickly but also deliver less unpleasant sensations to the seedling.

Here is a list of tools that must be present in the store of any gardener:


Garden Prunner for Cutting BranchesThis is probably the most popular and frequently used tool in gardening. When buying these garden shears, you need to pay attention to the following points: weight, sharpening, and operation of the mechanism.
If you buy a tool that does not fit your hand, or it is difficult to work, the work of pruning fruit trees will take a lot of time and effort.


HacksawInexperienced gardeners often use ordinary carpentry tools to work in the garden. This is the wrong approach. Although the construction saw will provide a faster work process, it will cause irreparable damage to the tree. Therefore, it is best to purchase a special garden with a hacksaw.

Air Pruner

Air Prunner for Cutting Tree BranchesThis tool does not differ in principle from ordinary garden shears. The only difference is the telescopic design of the device. Thanks to it, without using a ladder, you can cut off branches located at a decent height from the ground.

Petrol Saw

Petrol SawThis tool is used for cutting thick branches from old trees.
In addition to this mandatory list, it is advised to stock up on gloves and special glasses. Taking care of your health, do not neglect the rules of your safety.

How to Cut a Tree Branch to Increase the Yield of the Tree?

Many novice gardeners do not pay due attention to this procedure. Why to bother with pruning, if the tree is already perfectly fruiting, they believe. The high yield will only be in the first three years, then it will go down sharply.

Cutting a Tree Crown

The crown plays a large role in the tree's fruitfulness. It is a good idea to cut it and form it from the beginning of planting the seedling in the ground. The crown should not be very thick and high. Otherwise, the abundance of branches will not pass the sun’s rays, which will hinder the development of fruits. Besides, processing and spraying heavily thickened trees is very problematic. Therefore, the plant will often get sick.
Pruning the garden is also necessary for the branches to grow in one direction. Chaotic accumulation of branches not only reduces productivity but also makes it difficult to collect it. Therefore, all shoots that grow strictly up or down should be obliterated.

Horizontal branches should not be removed; it is on them that they form the most fruits. In extreme cases, you can slightly prune them, so that the branch does not break from the abundance of fruit.

Do not leave dead, broken, or frozen branches. They affect not only the yield but also the lifespan of your garden.

In winter, especially with the onset of severe frosty weather, it is better to prune the crown. This will allow the plant to recover faster after frosts and give more yields.

When to Crop

Why you need to cut fruit trees, and how to do it correctly, we have figured out. Now we should talk about what time of year it is better to do this.

Pruning of garden trees is carried out at any time of the year. However, it is worth considering some factors like the region of the country where your garden is located. Given the vast expanses of our homeland, each region has its climate conditions.

For example, in the south, it is recommended to do this in winter, because there are no severe frosts. In the North of the country, it is unnecessary to cut fruit trees in the fall. Otherwise, during severe frosts, the tree can get sick and die.

Given these features, we can conclude that the optimal time for cutting branches is early spring until the kidneys swell. Therefore, first, pay attention to old trees. They form buds much earlier than in young plants.

Pruning trees in summer also has its characteristics. Experienced gardeners and biologists advise you to choose for pruning, the period when the garden is resting.


Cutting down trees by hand is a very complex work, which requires a clear understanding of both individual actions and the entire process. Besides, you must strictly observe the safety rules and use the appropriate tool, and calculate the behavior of the cut parts of the tree in advance.

In this article, you learned:
  • how to saw a tree with a chainsaw, hacksaw or other tools, and whether it is possible to use a grinder for such work;
  • how to cut down a tall tree yourself in the yard or under the window on a dacha plot-in parts, with a curtain or a draw, and what method to choose;
  • when it is better to cut down trees in the country, and whether it is possible to saw them in winter;
  • what should not be done when sawing, and what precautions should be taken during such work;
  • how to dispose of or where to transport felled trees.



  1. Be sure to use the stairs or stepladder in order to get to the high branches.
  2. To get started, practice on the small and lower branches.


  1. Hold the chainsaw with both hands. Tightly.
  2. Watch your every move you make with a chainsaw.
  3. If you can not get to any branch - it is better to call a specialist.
  4. Try not to cut the largest branches - sometimes this can harm the health of the whole tree.
  5. In no case do not pick up a saw and do not prune the branches of trees while intoxicated!

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